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Carbon offsets and tree planting for businesses and individuals

Established in October 2006, is a New Zealand based venture aimed at addressing climate change, pollution and environmental degradation.

We work in partnership with individuals and businesses who wish to do their bit for the environment and help combat climate change.

If you would like to know more or wish to get involved then please contact us.


Offset personal and business emissions

Offset personal and business emissions

How to become carbon neutral

A living tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and stores the carbon as wood. You can help reduce carbon dioxide by offsetting your emissions and becoming carbon neutral.

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So far we have planted 998 trees.
Read more in our activity log.

Activity Log

Activity Log

Follow the latest activities at with photos and details of planting days and other activities.

Due to seasonal weather variation we conduct most planting between May and August.

Our Philosophy is a non-profit organisation aimed at legitimising and building a carbon trading environment and movement.

By helping establish a dollar value for carbon dioxide, we are helping to assign a quantifiable value to our impact on the planet and its ecosystem.

We believe in the sustainable development of a carbon capture system that acts to offset the CO2 emissions of individuals, small businesses and local government.

We offer the option of planting trees on your behalf. For a small fee we will plant a tree of your choice in our dedicated carbon forest. During their lifetime each tree will absorb up to 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air, the carbon that was emitted by your car or flight.